Mentoring for Intuitive Intelligence


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Mentoring for advancing intuitive intelligence.


Starting with a trusted relationship, mentoring builds on recognising existing intuitive skills and provides remedies for blocks and resistance, plus adding new insights, options and perspectives.

Strengthening intuition enables an inspiring, potential future, different form current challenges.

Intuitive mentoring assists a with life issues at any given time, offering  –


  • the exploration of intuitive skills
  • the provision and to identify opportunities to use intuition
  • inner guidance and support in times of change and challenge
  • an inspired, trusted, personal inner muse
  • exercises to calm the logical mind and tap into an inner resource
  • the five steps to ensure intuitive skills are strengthen and embedded


Available in-person or online, with a choice of one hour session or a 3 session package.






 Mentoring for Intuitive Intelligence