Intuitive intelligenceCollectively and individually we seek balance. To advance our intuition; to seek certainty, direction and an inner knowing.

Our workshops will enable an inner knowing, by practising principles to recognise, develop and enhance intuitive intelligence.  We all have it. We all seek it. It is a surer way to manage life within world of uncertainty, challenge and change.

We will concentrate our sessions on recognising intuition through stillness, play and specific activities to unbundle, unpack and reveal a hidden talent. The day will be spent valuing and engaging your intuitive self using tools and exercises to “check in”.

Lots of information will be provided to help to understand and use intuition as a balance against the logical mind, providing better decisions, more clarity on direction and a unfailing source of inspiration and creativity.

  • SATURDAY 10am – 3pm          OR
  • THURSDAY 10am – 3pm

VENUE:  Tranquil Park, Maleny, Qld

Enquiries or to book:    mobile: 0422411778